St. Louis Pediatric Ophthalmologist

Dr. Andrew Blatt is a pediatric ophthalmologist based in St. Louis, Missouri. He first completed a residency in comprehensive opthalmology, and has been board certified in opththalmology; he completed fellowship training in pediatric opththalmology. The focus of his practice is pediatric opthalmology and treatment of adult strabismus.

Dr. Blatt treats children with amblyopia from the time they are three or four months old, until they are 18 years old. He has performed eye surgery on thousands of patients, both children and adults.

Dr. Blatt is an associate member of the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus.

"I love working with kids. We have a very child-friendly office, with a play room where the children can play. Our exam rooms are geared toward pediatric evaluations with pediatric fixation toys and videos that children can watch during their eye examinations, and much more. Kids are our specialty!"

~~ Dr. Andrew Blatt

Our practice also focuses on adult strabismus.

We are referred patients by pediatricians, optometrists, and by ophthalmologists, as well as by other patients.

Our friendly and caring staff have been with Dr. Blatt for many years.

Feel free to contact us or call 314-997-3937 to schedule an appointment for an eye exam or for a second opinion on an previous diagnosis. We're here to help.

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