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May 17, 2012

It is with great pleasure that we write our testimonial recommending Andrew Blatt, MD. We sought him out as a second opinion after our son had a negative result following his second strabismus repair surgery. Dr. Blatt and his staff demonstrated clear and present knowledge of the problem, and confidence on how to proceed. We chose him to perform the third surgery, and were able to be scheduled the next day.

The service ... was outstanding, but it was Dr. Blatt's personal attention, compassion and care following surgery that impressed us the most. As healthcare professionals and parents of a special needs child, we have experienced many different levels of medical care. He treated our family as if we were his own. In fact he delayed his own emergency to tend to us.

We can say also say unequivocally that Dr. Blatt is one of the finest opthalmologic surgeons in this region. Our son's vision has been completely restored, and the results cosmetically are outstanding. We feel very fortunate to have had such a positive experience with St. Louis Eye Care Specialists. We look forward to our next appointment. See you soon!


~~ C.M.
Saint Louis, Missouri

My son, Baron, is four years old and we were referred to Dr. Blatt by a friend that is an optometrist. We first went to see Dr. Blatt when Baron was two. He had been recently diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder called oculomotor apraxia which causes a delay in his parallel motor planning. Under Dr. Blatt's care, we focused on strengthening his eye muscles by patching and doing exercises. We saw Dr. Blatt every six months until we noticed that Baron's left eye started to "float." Dr. Blatt saw that the left eye was not responding well, so about a year ago, Baron underwent eye muscle surgery. Before the surgery, he did not have much depth perception, so Dr. Blatt thought that the procedure would be beneficial and it has been! Baron has been progressing in all his therapies.

Dr. Blatt has an initial success rate of 80%, so 20% of his patients may need further intervention. Baron is scheduled in a couple of weeks for a follow up procedure to tighten up the lateral muscle in his left eye. I trust Dr. Blatt 100%! Most doctors are "cut happy" and he is not. He makes sure that surgery will be beneficial to his patients and his results speak for themselves.

On to his staff... They are a very caring and sweet staff! They make sure that you feel comfortable and explain everything very well. They are very well trained in all that they do! I have recommended Dr. Blatt to multiple friends and they have all been very happy!

~~ K.H.

I became cross-eyed in my early 50's. I couldn't find an eye doctor or surgeon who would attempt to fix my problem, they only worked on children. I gave up, until I heard about Dr. Blatt from a friend who had the same problem as me and who had fixed her eyes. I finally made an appointment with him and had the surgery. I can't believe it! I no longer see double! I tell everyone that it's a miracle, because as soon as I took off the eye patch, the day after surgery, I DID NOT SEE DOUBLE!!! I never thought that as an adult my crossed eyes could be fixed.

My advice is, if you are an adult with crossed eyes, go to Dr. Blatt and get them fixed ASAP! I no longer have to wear those awful glasses with thick prisms that made my nose hurt, and I can see even better than with the prisms in my glasses because I understand that the prisms somewhat prevent the total correction.

~~ D.P.

We have been extremely pleased with the care and compassion shown by Dr. Blatt and all of his staff members. As a parent, anytime your child has to go through surgery (especially at a very young age), it is extremely difficult emotionally. You know it is a good thing for your child, and at the same time, you wish you could avoid it for your child as well. Everyone from Dr. Blatt's office to those at the surgery facility understand this emotional roller coaster that the parents must ride, and they do whatever possible to make the experience as calm, reassuring and successful as possible. We have every confidence that our daughter is in extremely competent patient care when we visit Dr. Blatt and his staff.

~~ D.B.

When we noticed something odd with our son's right eye, we were scared and confused. We were scared for obvious reasons, and confused because he has always had tremendous hand-eye coordination. He has played every sport available, and excelled without exception in every aspect of each and every sport that he tried. My wife and I went online and started researching to gather information and answers. The websites lead us to many options, and many doctors. What struck us as noteworthy was Dr. Blatt's educational background. Dr. Blatt's resume made us feel confident that he had the mental fortitude to know how best to address our child's issue. We knew that we be working with an extremely intelligent person. We began making phone calls to Dr. Blatt's staff members and we became more and more confident with every conversation and with every new person with whom we spoke. This was particularly true with Dr. Blatt. He has a way about him that eases the most nervous person; trust me on that. I was so nervous at the time that it's hard to even write about it now, many months later.

I would recommend Dr. Andrew Blatt to anyone. The proof in that statement is that I recommended him to my best friend whom I've known my entire 42 years. My friend Jon had his eye operated on by Dr. Blatt exactly 2 weeks after my son had his operation. Jon feels the exact same way I do about Dr. Andrew Blatt.

~~ B.W.

I had a condition where my right eye turned inward and had it for a long time but it was getting worse. I had spoken to some doctors regarding the condition and many individuals. After much research I was referred to Dr Andrew Blatt. I had some reluctance about going since I had heard stories about how some people had a similar condition but their surgeries did not turn out well. Those same people had to have some additional treatments 2 or 3 times. This left me feeling a bit uncomfortable but I felt it was time for me to do something about it even though I was in my mid 50's.

When I met Dr Blatt, he introduced himself and explained that he wanted to examine my eye and condition. After I had many visits with Dr Blatt, he confirmed that he would be able to treat my problem with surgery.

Now that he gave me all the facts I decided to do the surgery. I weighed my options and felt it was worth it. I went ahead with the surgery, and it did go well. My eye problem was resolved through the surgery and I can see well without having my eye turn inward. It is quite remarkable what he is able to do.

To this day, I feel most blessed and thankful to have met Dr Blatt and his staff. Everyone took care of me and answered all of my questions and whenever I needed anything, they responded promptly. The staff is awesome.

When you are in your mid 50's, you have a tendency to want to be more cautious about things but I can confirm that Dr Blatt and his staff are quite competent. I would recommend Dr Blatt to anyone. He does outstanding work. To this day, I find it a miracle, what he was able to do.

~~ W.G.

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